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I have two lists in Maple that I would like to join into a single list based on the values in a common field.  The best tool for such an operation is a relational database management system (RDBMS) where I would use SQL JOIN syntax.  The R program for statistics has an internal command, "merge" which can perform this operation on data frames [http://stat.ethz.ch/R-manual/R-patched/library/base/html/merge.html].  I would like an analogous operation in Maple as a convenient alternative to turning to a full RDBMS.  Does Maple offer such a command?

Having been trained as a computer programmer, particularly in an Object-Oriented orientation, my inclination when declaring a variable is to add a line of documentation to it.  In C++, Java and other ASCII based programming languages this is oftern done with JavaDoc, Doxygen and other notational sytax in the comments.  For example:

I have had success adding units of distance in Maple using the example in the documentation.  However when I perform an addition on units of information such as gibibytes and mebibytes I receive:

"Error, (in Units:-Standard:-+) cannot represent the given unit in the system `SI`"

This behavior seems to be an ugly little non-orthogonality in the Maple language.  I have posted a test case to my files.  I did try the other systems beyond SI however this did not affect the behavior.

I recently upgraded to Maple 12 from Maple 11 and it seems that I have lost the ability to browse the contents of a matrix.  In Maple 11 I was able to right-click on the matrix block and use the context menu to open a tabular view of the data.  In Maple 12 I get a context menu with "Explore" as an option but it yeilds a dialog having a single button in it which also reads "Explore."   Clicking this closes the dialog.

Does Maple 12 have any capability for quickly browsing the contents of a Matrix?

When I right-click on a 387x387 Matrix my pointer turns into a processing indicator and the system sits endlessly.  Other than killing the maple server process is there a way I can instruct Maple to cancel processing and make it responsive again?

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