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Hi all, 


How could I be certain about the correctness of these answers? I am sure that the variation of the parameter, C1, must be monotonic; just in one dircetion... increasing or decreasing. As you could see from the last result in the first command, the data are false... However, by the second method, the answer is different from that of the first!!!? Both of them are derived by 'fsolve'
In the third way, the command dsolve, produced an array of resutls, C1 and Nu, and there is just one correct solution... It is confusing.

Hi all,

I don't know why this file doesn't work anymore! It was ok last week. I even reinstall the Maple on my laptop, but it went wrong again...


Please help me.

Hi all,

Please help me to get a solution for all the desired data in the attached file. As you could see through it, just for 4 out of 20 desired Br, there are answers by the command:
Notice that If I write Br= -7.0 there is no solution, but I wrote Br= -6.999999, and the solution was achieved simply; just by applying an approximation value for '7'.

I don't know why for other data there are no solution...



Hi all, 

Please help me to solve this system of equations.




Hi all,


I attached a program here and the desire is the calculation of Nu.As you could see through the attached file, the F2(r) function contains an 'integral' which makes it difficult if I want to calculate F2(r=1) and it goes the same for D(F2)(r=\phi). So I firstly corrected the F2(r) function as FF2(r) in which the parameter R is calculated in the top of the file. Afte I replace the values of \phi and 1 in the FF2(r) not in F2(r) just because of the integral. The Nu is calculated finally, but it differs from the initial guess. How could I make a loop in order to correct the initial guess by replacing the first Nu calculated in the end of the program??

Ther is a problem and that is the "k" which must be entered in this part in each loop:


Digits:= 10:

K:=Nu->( k )


I do not know whether or not it is possible to change it so that the program identify the 'k' and replace it in the "K:=Nu->( k )" for k.



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