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@acer It mostly will have more than two variables involved. I am trying to "solve" for inequalities, equations and piecewise func. I want to do it not for just polynomials but also for trignometric and other real funcs


@acer As you said, it works for this example. But I am looking more for general solution.


Is there anything like this in Maple ?


If there is something to find domain and range for an expression, maybe a solution can be achieved

@Kitonum Actually, I need the domain of y in the above case. I need the output to be -inf<y<45 for the y and not y=x-10.

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

Ok, using 'feasible....' is wrong. I need possible values that each variable can individually take (like in my example).

@Markiyan Hirnyk

solve({piecewise(20 < e, d = c, d = d), a = 5, b = 10, c = a*b*e, -60 < e, 900 < d, e < 110, e < 200}, {a, b, c, d, e}, symbolic = true);

piecewise(e <= 20, [  {a = 5, b = 10, c = 50 e, -60 < e, 900 < d, e < 110},   {a = 5, b = 10, c = 50 e, d = 50 e, 20 < e, e < 110}], 20 < e,   [{a = 5, b = 10, c = 50 e, d = 50 e, 20 < e, e < 110}])

I get the same result whether or not I put symbolic in second case.

@acer This is what i needed. Thanks a lot

@Preben Alsholm 

I didnt know 'with' will not work in procedure. Anyways thnx, now I corrected it.

But how come Maple reads the procedure correctly the second time ? i,e how does it understands that the 'Graph' is actually from GraphTheory.

@Carl Love Thanks for the answer. It is good. I solved some system of equaitons with this.


But sometimes, I have conditional statements in my system of equations. I changed the conditional statements into piecewise format and it is not working now.


@Markiyan Hirnyk I want to plot using maple but through an external java code. I am using maple engine for doing the plotting. In that, when I evaluate, command containing foreign characters are throwing errors. I needs to do with UTF format or something I guess. Thats why, I need to know if it is posible

@Thomas Richard If a SCR is submitted, how can I know the status of the request? Further, how can I accesss the solution ?(will it released as patch or update ?)


Thanks for all your inputs. I will see if I get something with other plots or else, will just use data from maple and create some apps in java for the interaction capabilities


ok. That is bad. But my doubt is, it(I mean the plot in maplet) works perfectly in Maple18. I don't know why they removed it up in Maple 2015. Btw is it because of some settings? or bug in maple 2015 which I should report?

Further, how is it exporting the plot as image then?

If I try to use the maplet(after that blank maplet is displayed as in screenshot below), I am getting memory access violation in eclipse console. It said some problem with jopenmaple.dll

@itsme Thanks. But the problem with storing it in simple png and displaying is that it will not have interactive capabilities that maple plot has.

Right now it is simple, but I may want to plot 3D data, which I may want to rotate.

Further, I was told it would be good if I reuse maple's plotting powers.

Btw the screenshot below of my code is just test script I am using to plot. Yes thanks for the advice. I will create better encapsulations (by using procedures and modules etc)


@Mac Dude Thanks for the reply. But I am trying to plot from an external java program. Thats why, I am not using the GUI.

Further, the above code for maplet, works in Maple 18. I am using Maple 2015 and it is not working for me.

Btw I also tried putting a plotter inside the maplet. Even that is not working. I also created a .mpl file and opened it in mapletviewer and even there I am not getting the plot. :(

Is there some settings (like environmental variables) that I missed ??

P.S: All times, if I try to export to bmp file, I am getting the plot.


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