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Is there any simple way to extract the feasible range for the variables from solve result ?

For example, when I do solve({x-y = 10, x+y < 100}) I get {x = y + 10, y < 45}

From here, I need -inf<y<45 and -inf<x<55. Is it possible ? (I tried few methods, but it is not working for all cases.)

Why am I getting different results in these two cases ?


I have the following in a text file.


When I read it in command-line maple, I am getting the following error.

on line 1, syntax error, non-ASCII character in unicode file 1:
Error, while reading `123456.txt`

Is it possible to input foreign characters in maple? (I dont want to enter directly in maple worksheet)

Currently I am running a maple engine using a java script and sending equations to the engine.

Thanks in advance.

In the below file, I have tried to create tree using Graphtheory and export it to file. But exporting works only if I read the procedure twice and that too after running the procedure.


I need to solve a set of equations but changing a constant each time.

For example, x+by=0, bx-y=10 where b=10,20.

I don't want to put it in a loop because, in loop, the equations are solved repeatedly. I want Maple to solve it only once and substitute b values automatically since I want to solve big set of equations faster.

Is there any option in Maple to do so with a single command

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