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@DSkoog  Oh Good. Where/How can i fnd out about all the little tweeks and fixes?

@DSkoog Hi, Any display improvements in the new release?

@erik10 I have been looking at getting a new Pc and High Res. monitor. I found this   It is claimed it works for other apps too. I haven't tried it yet. Maybe some of you can see if it is useful for Maple and if so share how to impliment it.

@Kitonum, Carl.  I get when I use "ra"   "Warning, expecting only range variable x in expression 1/ra to be plotted but found name ra" and the graph is empty. Replace with x and it's fine. Why? I would have naturally used 1/ra,ra=0..1 or 1/x, x=0..1 or am I missing something here?


This page comes up ok for me. I did tyr thr demo version a few months age. Didn't link it into Maple though. It would be great if Maple built if its features.

@tomleslie  I read that earlier about 7 hours ago. It appeared in the Recent Post section. Then vanished a few hours later. Some promlem with the rho graph I think.

Upload yout work sheet. Otherwise you are stuck with what is is in the help. If you look in the questions I posted this earlier this year there is a series of posts on "animate". I usually post a worksheet when I have technical questions.

Basically with a worksheet there are many experts here who can help you.

@Preben Alsholm Thank you.

@DSkoog  Thank you for your clarification.

In the help the points you explain don't seem to be high lighted. I understant the prediciment on the decisions you faced. Really the help pages need to clarify these points.

So thaking the situation of "Save As" on a Workbook file- there are many reasons. My one was, need to try something different but don't want to loose what I have. So I have a series of questions.

1) Are the contained files copied to the new document?

2) Where are these contained documents actually being stored? Somewhere in help it mentions a "Shared folder" for certain file types. What shared folder?

3) What does the pretty coloured "0" in the tab bar represent? I notice it is a diffferent colour for each subsequent workbook file opened.

4) Is there any way of revision/version managing Maple files? I know this is not specifically a workbook file question.

Overall the Workbook is a great asset.

@vv Thank you. It is valid to simplify the arctan function to arctan(y/x). That takes out the step discontinuties. Numbers will always be in real domain.

@Axel Vogt  this is the integral.

Ell := int(1/(1-nu*JacobiSN(t, k)^2), t);
            Ell := EllipticPi(JacobiSN(t, k), nu, k)

They both quote from A&S just different definitions. That is included in the post above.

I will prepare a new post for tomorrow night. It the differential equation it arises out off.




@Carl Love  I looked into it. Don't see how at present. What I will do is start a new post regarding the differential equation it comes from as I can't get Maple to solve it.

A workable fix is to RMB on the Maple file at the top of  the workbook pallet and select Rename, copy paste in the current file name, Then it displays correctly. Reason this file is the original name of the file when it was first saved as a workbook document. I would class this as bug.


@Preben Alsholm Thank you. That basicially sorted it. Many "signum" appeared. Used simplify(expr,assume=real) and that polished off the answer.

@Samir Khan Maple pushes strongly into the education sectior. Students basically understand scientific notation. It is neat and tidy. It would be good to have a command like Digits to create this output. e.g. ScientificNotation(5) so 123456789101112131415.01245689 is displayed as

1.2345x10^20 formated to to read nicely. Assuming I  have counted out the number of digits correctly)

Could also make it a bit more functional having an optional 2 digit ScientificNotation(5,3) so could be displayed as 123.45x10^18

Could lead to an interesting situation on integer/rational arithmetic. My take would be a 3rd option ScientificNotation(5,3,y) . So for 123456789 =123x10^6  and ScientificNotation(5,3,n) =123456789 (rationals unchanged) probable the default here should be no. ScientificNotation(5,y) ?? would be nice if possible too. This aspect would be really useful, say when producing a Groebner basis. 1000s of digit long numbers thats are necessary for the maths but you are not going to read them. Probably heresy to the mathmeticians!

Copy/paste would be on the real number not just what is displayed.

I'm sure I am not the first to ask for this. Understand that there could be core difficulties but feel it is really a display formatting issue.



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