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These are questions asked by Saha

could any one help  to plot this.

Here is my code.

I need to make the graph i have attached match the image below.

Is there any wrong with unknown parameter i found?How to solve this.Please Help.


How to get U1,U2,..I dont know how to use this inverse transform.Please help to find the series.

Can you change f(eta) to upflow curve and theta(eta) to downflow curve.

In my Problem,Boundary Conditions are

theta(infinity) = 0, (D(f))(infinity) = 1 , (Take, eta =infinity)

Flows will be correct for what value is taken for infinity .

I take  eta = 5. and also tried changing ranges  but could't find it.Please Help to fix the curve.

my code is,

How to find series values.I got this error.Please Help.

Maple code for the problem is

  Could you please give maple code for Shooting Method/Kellor box Method or any numerical method except RK Method to this system of Differential Equations.

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