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Why can't I sub both values at the same time and/or why does k stay symbolic but not d?

Is this what is supposed to happen when linking Maple to Matlab?  I was hoping it would open the actual Matlab program and write variables to the current worksheet.  I'm I missing something?

Nothing even pops up on the Matlab Command window. What good is this?


I'm trying to solve a recurrence relation by generating terms and looking for a pattern.  I've learned that i can't stop 

Maple's autosimplification process and the best I can do is use Parse from the InertForm package.  The hand drawn picture below is what I'm trying to replicate.  I know I can use rsolve but I'm trying to do the steps I would with pencil and paper.


Is there a way to apply op to an expression and get back every possible operand and the corresponding list value?  I sometimes don't know how far to go with a list of inputs to get what I want.

I was trying to make a function (or procedure) that uses the simplify command and outputed all the different types of simplify that are in the right click menu.  I never know which one to chose so until I get the hang of what they are, I wanted to see all of them at once.  Can someone set me off on the right path?

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