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@Carl Love 

Sorry, I mean the pre-subscript, b and pre-superscript c in the image below.   Iwould like to use the normal superscript to define variables as well but I'm guessing maple will interpret numbers as exponents and not variable names.  Or, how could I define a variable name like, Vector R from O to P in frame B with respect to frame A?


@Carl Love 

Thanks Carl! I'm using Infty reader that converts pdf's into math notation and so far it works well except for that little issue.  If anyone is interested:

@Adam Ledger 

when I try to scroll on my touch screen computer, Maple only interprets the touch as a left mouse click and selects instead of scroll. This is common if a program is not made to recognize touch input. But since since most computers are going this way, I figured they could implement it. 

@Carl Love 

I'm sorry for wasting your time Carl.  I'm just so used to fighting Maple and not asking questions, I immediately gave up and asked.  Thank you for answering.


Thanks Tom, it makes sense now.  I was hoping to write symbolically in Maple and then send it to Matlab to use in Simulink for example.  I know about Mupad but I'm trying to keep the amount of software to learn low.  I'm trying to learn using the softwares while learning the subjects at school.  Out of Matlab, Maple and Mathcad, I've been sticking with Maple instead of trying to equally use/learn them all.

I assumed incorrectly that Maple and Matlab transfered data to the interfaces.   The "Tight, two-way integration is available between Maple and MATLAB®"  I think gave me this impression.

@Axel Vogt 

I guess that depends on what your used to? As a student using Maple for the first time I find it easier to use the natural notation because that's all I've seen my whole life. It's easier for me to see what I'm doing that way vs one line of text with endless parentheses and forward slashes.  


Plus,  my point of replying earlier was that error message , since maple doesn't tell you what it means and its really easy to miss. When you get that error and click on the hyperlink, one of the places it takes you to is this page. 


It is easier but I'm trying to replicate what I was tought to do by hand in class.  I'm doing this because I want to use Maple to do my homework and studying but I want the logic to parallel working it out by hand.  I'm convinced that my professors wont have much to say against it if I do it this way.  Except maybe that I'm not working out my hand muscles doing it this way? haha  I want to get more learning done in the same amount of time.


I like this v, it reminds me of my notes.  I'm going to play around with it right now.  Thanks a lot!

@Carl Love 

Carl the man!  You've quickly answered two of my consecutive questions that I have put off for weeks for doubt that I would get a quick reply (I'm working on a project).  Thanks man! 

I'm terrible with finding the pattern so I need Maple's rapid generative help.  

For example, I can't see that pattern so easily but I will play with the idea right now and figure it out.  Any feedback on my method?  It's ok for someone to say its ridiculus, actually that would help a lot!



@Christian Wolinski 

I like it, thank you. It should help me pinpoint my substitutions.

@Carl Love

I understand now Carl.  I realized that after I started looking into thos functions. Thanks again.

@Carl Love 

Thanks for the help Carl!  I think its what I'm after, I'm playing with it now.  I'm trying to match the position of the list to the input list.  In your example is the first + correspond to op(1,x*y+z-7^sin(w)) ? 

I will check out those other functions as well.  

Thank you sir! I use Notepad ++ and thought it would be nice to use it for Maple code.


Thank you! That is exactly what I was looking for!


Thanks this was starting to drive me crazy.  But I thought in a RLC circuit, the system states would be the voltage across the capacitor and the current through the inductor since those are the energy storing power variables? And why is there no variable for the capacitor? 


First, I wouldn't say any of my periodic moments of being less than satisfied is a failure on your part, but on mine. I forgot the amount of time it would take to get used to maple in general, let alone a new paradigm in "reading a textbook."  The book is awesome and i brag about it to anyone that would listen, I just haven't given it enough time yet to get used to it.  

I definitely think there are somethings in the newer versions of maple that can be taken advantage of..  Sorry if I came off like I was truely unhappy with it That isn't the case at all.

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