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Does anyone know what the default function is for the pre-subscript and pre-superscript?  I would like to use them for a variable name to represent the local reference frame and global reference frame in my multibody calculations.  Thanks

When I copy mathml into Maple it always pasted the subscipts as indexed.  How could I quickly convert the indexed subscripts into literal subscripts without having to right click and convert each variable?

Hi all,

I was wondering how to go about validating some airfoil designs for my Formula SAE team's CFD results.  I know this is more common with simplier calculations but I'm hoping using Maple and maybe the new algebraic manipulation of non-comunitive differential operators, I could achive what I am after.   The two calculations of interest are the drag force and downforce.  Can someone shed some light? Thanks

Is there a way to automatically convert and paste my clipboard contents as 2D math?

I use Maple on a Surface Pro 4 tablet and the math input panel does not work with Maple.  This would be a great feature to have.  Or does anybody know how to get it working?

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