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Dear Forum,

I have a rational transfer function, like


With the DynamicSystems package, Maple can compute a state space representation, but I want a single DEQ in y(t) of 3rd order. What is the best way to let Maple compute this?


Consider the following DEQ:


Maple can solve this without problems with dsolve. But I want to use the Mellin Transformation for this, similar to the more common laplace transformation. The last step, the transformation back to the x-domain, does not work. Any idea why?




If you type 1/1e6; then you get 0.000001000000000.

If you type 1/1e7; you will get

I want to call Maple from Excel, this works so far. Problems in the attached Excel sheet:

- The result of a Maple command (components of a vector) will not be placed into separate cells. How can this be done ?
- To auto-update the solution when changing the input matrix, for each component of the solution vector the complete matrix needs to be recalculated. Surely, there is a better way to do this. 


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