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There is the Iterator package as well, with alot of functionality regarding partitions. Check it out.

P := Iterator:-Partition(5):

for p in P do
    printf("%d\n", p[1 .. length(P)]);
end do;

Have you updated to Maple 2019.2.1 for better campatibility with Catalina?

Get it here

Updating from inside Maple is often slow.

for instance:

i := x;j := p;

`||`(i, j);

cat(i, j);


collect(Ty4, exp);

To see what combine is limited to do, check ?combine,exp 

Obviously, your Maple is broken. Contact Maple Customer Support and don't forget to include your Purcase Code you used to activate Maple, because it helps to identify the source of your license. You are not the first one with this error pattern.


Play with the options

plot3d(sech(1/2*sqrt(3/5)*(x - 2*t)), x = -10 .. 10, t = -10 .. 10, scaling = constrained, style = patchnogrid, view = [-10 .. 10, -10 .. 10, 0. .. 2.0], tickmarks = [default, default, [0., 1.0, 2.0]]);


Afaik there is no diff tutor for implicit functions. But you could raise printlevel a bit to see what Maple is doing when the command implicitdiff is invoked.


printlevel := 20;
implicitdiff(z*t = cos(z + t), z, t);
printlevel:=1; # reset


You have to place an assumption on a to determine the limit.


V := D__e*(1 - exp(-a*(R - R__e)))^2;

limit(V,R=infinity) assuming a>0;


You should contact Maplesoft support, don't forget to include your 16 digit purchase code.


You could as well use the library routine for transfer functions

eq1 := 2*diff(y__1(t), t) = -2*y__1(t) - 3*y__2(t) + 2*u__1(t);
eq2 := diff(y__2(t), t) = 4*y__1(t) - 6*y__2(t) + 2*u__1(t) + 4*u__2(t);
T := TransferFunction([eq1, eq2], [u__1(t), u__2(t)], [y__1(t), y__2(t)]):

There is no switch in Maple to do calculations in Degrees, but you could write a tiny procedure:

f := proc(amp, phase) amp*exp(Pi/180*I*phase); end proc;
#Call f with amplitude and degree:
evalf(f(230, 0) - f(20, -30)*f(0.097, 7.2) + f(40, -120)*f(0.097, 7.2));

#If you want to have it in polar coordinates again:

#You still would need to convert the rad to degree:

Regarding your 3rd point, Maple can be customized in many ways, check help pages for the commands interface and kernelopts. Also, in Maple type ?worksheet,reference,initialization on how to create an initialization startup file.

If you have a whole company switching over to Maple, you should consider getting in touch with Maplesoft for a customized training, i.e. webex sessions or onsite visits.  

Do you mean you can't figure out the purchase process in the Maplesoft webstore

You should directly contact customer service, answering such questions is their job:


In case you have Maple 2019, you could check out the new options for drawing polygons


int(diff(f, w), w);



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