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These are questions asked by Vrbatim

There are two ways of expressing the solution to a cubic equation, one of them uses cos and arccos [1]. How do I / is there a way to ask Maple to get this form?

More generally, can Maple be instructucted to solve equations using trig identities?

[1] http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Trigonometry/The_solution_of_cubic_equations

Surely this is a bug.

> 0^0;
> sum( 0^m, m=0..infinity );

The limit of

G := N -> sum(1/N*numtheory[sigma](k)/k,k=1..N ) 

as N -> infinity should be Pi^2/6. However

eval( G(N), N=infinity );

returns 0.

Can anyone explain this puzzling behaviour?

I have a module which is an argument to a procedure.

When I "trace" this procedure, the entire module is  printed (as it should).

Is there a way to NOT print the contents of the passed module? It is annoying when debugging.



I have recently discovered that some objects in maple are (unexpectadly, and perhaps undeservedly) considered type:-polynom.

> T := table():
> type( T, polynom );
> R := proc() end proc:
> type( R, polynom );

My attempts to circumvent this by using a shaper polynom type were in vain (R can be subsituted with T without affecting output):

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