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How do I solve equation (1) for omega, rho, lambda1, and lambda2? verif.mw

can we express 'X' in terms of 'L'? i.e., X = (some const)*L XintoL.mw

Why does 'simplify' not work when calculating Eigenvectors? Further, how can we express (2) in a more simplified form by using 'simplify'?simplify.mw

How to verify eq by using (2), (3) and (4)? Since lambda's, A's, B's and a are constant, but they appear as variables i.e., D[2](A1)..., (D[2] -> d/dt (derivative w.r.t 't')). Also q(n+1,t)- q(n,t) = a (const). Therefore, d/dt(q(n+1),t) - d/dt,(q(n,t))=0


Why does no substitution work on functions with s(n+1,t) (see eqns (2-8))? Also (∂)/(∂ (sigma2*t))=1/(sigma2)(∂)/(∂ t), how can I do it on Maple?shift.mw

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