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@mmcdara Many thanks. Yes, I have a continuous PDE and want its discrete version.

@Preben Alsholm How can we write the solution like u=v*exp(w*t)?

Is there anyone who have ONEOptimal package?

@dharr In the next step, I am trying to solve polynomial equations to determine the values of parameters a's and lambda's by setting all the coefficients of the different powers of csc(eta) to zero. But I got only "{0 = 0, 15*cot(eta)*lambda__1*a[-2]^2*a[-1] = 0}".CM_TW.mw

@Thomas Richard Thanks, it works. Secondly,  is it possible that Maple gives the step by step solution?

@acer Can we put three different symbols on these peaks? i.e, solid circle, asteric, box, etc

@mmcdara How can we fix it? By changing the range of h?

@Rouben Rostamian  You wrote h+2 instead of h on RHS of the first equation, why? 


@mmcdara I did it by taking the terms up to 6th order in summation. But the problem is that I did it step by step and it takes time almost the same as what we did by hand. Can we do it in maple in short steps? Further, how do solve (20) to get A[i]'s?


@mmcdara A[0] =6 (given), it should not be zero. And system of algebraic equations:

Note: zeta is eta, and z[0] is x[0]. Can we obtain these equations in maple?

@Kitonum Since from determinant(A)=0, we need to find the relation between w and k. How to find it?

@tomleslie can we do this without initial/boundary conditions? Since they are not provided.

@tomleslie How to do next step? I want to integrate (4) for one more times so that we have first-order diff eq and then solve it by using 'dsolve'. 

@Christian Wolinski I want to extarct Sol1: 'Sol1={c = c0, mu = 1/sqrt(2*c0^2 - 2), a[-1] = a[-1], a[0] = 0, a[1] = a[1], b[-1] = a[-1], b[0] = 0, b[1] = -a[1]}'



@Christian Wolinski Why we need to put 'map' and 'identity' in 'Sols'? Secondly, how can I extract 'c, mu, a[-1], a[0], a[1], b[-1], b[0], b[1]' from 'Sols'? By writing 'Sol1 := op(11, op(7, Sols));
Sol2 := op(15, op(7, Sols));' in the worksheet, I found an error.

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