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Hmm it seems I somehow messed up my original post. Maybe it was because I tried to use the symbols "less than or equal to" (seems the forum messed that up). As I read it again now I can see I wasn't specific enough. The problem is I usually have 2 constraints: x^2+y^2+z^2 (less than or equal to) 4a^2 and x^2+y^2 (greater than or equal to) a^2. (it is a sphere with a cylindrical hole through it). Any way to easily plot the surface of this solid? EDIT: Ok it seems the forum doesn't like me typing "less than or equal to" symbols
Thanks for the comments. I will take a look at he implicitplot3d and see if it's any help. I know about spherical coordinates, but thank you anyway :) I usually find it more convenient to change to cylindrical coordinates though. You always have trouble describing points on the z-axis in spherical coordinates, though I admit it has it uses from time to time.
Thanks for all the great answers. Seems I should start learning some LaTeX then and don't bother with writing articles in Maple. I'll just stick to using it as a CAS then. It would be great if you could write LaTeX code in Maple though What is the most popular LaTeX compiler/environment? Also, is there a way to evaluate if a region of R (or C?) is a simply connected region? Can I get Maple to evaluate the points where a function or a vectorfield is not defined?
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