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These are questions asked by Zeineb

Dear all

Please i need your help to add heteroclinic or homoclinic  orbits to my plot 




Many thanks

Dear all
I solve a nonlinear equation using Newton's method


and maple code I get two different results from sixth iteration  ... What's the problem... I can not understand which one is correct.


Thank you for your help 

Dear all

I have two equations

the first one: f1(x)=r*x; 

and the second one: f29x)=exp(x);

where r in a real number.

Using maple i try to determine the number of solutions of f1(x)=f2(x) for different value of r.
Using maple, 
for r <0 its obvious we have only one solution, but for r =0; No solution 
My problem for r>0, using maple I trided to plot different curve but I can not conclude, the number of  roots for each value of r


thank you for your help 


Dear all

How can I plot vector using maple

Maple return the following error

Error, invalid neutral operator

Thank you

Dear all

I tried to used insert code edit region, to write many subcodes 

but no return varibales names.

example, x:=3;

when I run the code, I get only the number affected to x, I would like to get 



Thank you 



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