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Dear all
Dear all, is  there any Maple code available to solve the heat  two dimensional heat equations using Rk4. The second derivative will be replaced using Finite difference, so that we get a linear system of odes.  
Thank you for any help 

Dear all

How can I show using maple that the function g(x,y,z) =f(x,y,z)- 4 2^1/2 is strictly positive


thank you for your help 

Dear I have 

Vectors of locations points 

X=[ 1 , 2] ; 

Y =[ 6 , 7 ] 

I would like to point of the point of this grid a vertical bars with different given length...how can I do this using maple or matlab 

Dear all

I have a second order PDE, i used pdesolve but no solution obtained, why?





Dear all

Please i need your help to add heteroclinic or homoclinic  orbits to my plot 




Many thanks

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