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These are questions asked by Zeineb

Dear all

I need a help to finish just two lines in my code:

1)How substitute condition in a system of equations

2) How solve the obtained system ( not a linear system)

3) If its possible to plot the set of points (x_i,y_j, u_{ij})

Many thanks for your help


Dear all

I have invalid operator parameter name, i don't know where is the mistake.

Many thanks for your help




I would like to plot the region of solution of the following system defined by some equations.

restart; with(Optimization);

inequal({-5 <= 4*y1+2*y2+3*y3, -2 <= 3*y1+5*y2+2*y3, -1 <= y1+2*y2+y3, 0 <= y2, y1 <= 0}, {y1, y2, y3}, color = "Nautical 1");

Many thanks for any help

Dear all;

I have a function  C(S,t)  and I would like to show that this function is the solution of Partial differential equation ( denotes by PDES). I introduce all my function but when I try to simplify my PDES, I can not get zero as result. 

Many thanks for your help to simplify the PDES to get PDES=0. So, that C(S,t) is the solution of my PDEs.




I have the transition matrix used in Markov chain

A := Matrix([[alpha, beta, gamma], [delta, epsilon, zeta], [eta, theta, mu]])

I would like to write a system of equations that can be solved  to get a Markov chain  irreducible and aperiodic

All the entries of the transition matrix are in the interval [0,1)


Many tanks for any help

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