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Uhhh, it looks fairly complicated. It is throughout possible, that there is no closed form solution. A possibble solution could be a numerical inversion. Several algorithms are available, e.g. the Stehfest algorithm, the Den Iseger algorithm, etc.

Dear Graham thank you very much, I'll contact you.

best regards


Dear Graham thank you very much, I'll contact you.

very best regards


The solution is: add() i=1..40 should be used in eq.1 instead of the greek sum sign.


I think the file upload failed, so here is the content itself:


Specify dimensionless radius:



Specify the root equation




Initialize the root finding package.



Specify an array (a) with 40 members for the roots.





Find roots for the given rD.






Now specify the qD function.





Now try to plot qD(tD)



Error, (in qD) unsupported type of index, i


Download VEH_We.mw

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