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thank you for your help, 
for some reason i am having to retype into maple prime as the copy paste function doesn’t seem to be working, this seems to be because it is in one "box" it treats it as an image . i have uploaded it below

im sorry if this feels like a basic question but i have only been using maple for a week and i feel out of my depth, I’ve need to normalise the function F(x), and the best way to do that is to set a new function f(x) :=F(x)/(a^0.5)
where a is the value of (F(x))^2 integrated over -10..10

thank you for your help but it doesn’t seem to be working, i just get the value
Integral (HH)  between the limits -10..10

im sure im doing something wrong, thankyou for your help

thank you its working now,

Error, invalid input: eval received dsol(10), which is not valid for its 2nd argument, eqns

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