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Hi I am trying to create a bit of code that fits data points to a curve

right now I have

NonlinearFit((   (A/2)/((B-r)^2+(A/2)^2)+C1+C2*r+C3*r^2),WEE,dde,r);

where WEE and dde are vectors containing the X and Y values respectively.

I was wondering if there was any way to set a range of values that the parameters can lie between

for instance 
and  -3<B<3

I was wondering how to build that into the code

F(x) is a Maple


hello, im trying to numericaly solve this differencal equaion and i cant see what the issue is with my boundery condions. the only thing i can guess at is the bondrey conditions are ant the limits of the range im intergrating over. any help would be amazing

E := -2;


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