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Hi there,

I'm trying to solve a set of simultaneous equations using the solve function, but it doesn't seem to want to give me a straight answer (and sometimes no answer at all).


I have a frustrating error that comes from using Code generation with diff

It works fine when processing a single equation but doesn't like matricies:

> Xx := ((cos(q1)*cos(q2)+0.8e-3*sin(q1)*sin(q2))*sin(q3)+(0.8e-3*(-cos(q1)*sin(q2)+0.8e-3*sin(q1)*cos(q2)))*cos(q3)+sin(q1)*cos(q3))*L3+(0.8e-3*(cos(q1)*sin(q2)-0.8e-3*sin(q1)*cos(q2)+0.8e-3*sin(q1)))*L3+sin(q1)*(L21+L22);

Hello clever people,

Here's an easy question for you all I'm sure (though as a novice I've been stuck on this for hours).

Why is it that when I'm using Maple 12 some of my assignments don't seem to work while others do? Most of the time I don't have a problem assigning matricies and vectors but quite often Maple doesn't seem to want to recall the contents of a variable when performing operations.

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