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            i am try to solve lagrange dynamics in maple , i have problem with the solution , the maple make the solution but it get stuck after some time and maple is closed.. wheh i am  using inertia withoutout transformation matix , maple solve the equation but when i transform the inertia matrix  using transformatin matix, i am getting this problme, can any brother help in this regard, the file is attached..

i want to read a file from maple and then hav solve it in matlab numberically, can any  one help in this regard

dear i have very complex problem may it wil easy for somone, i have 36 equations in maple that i have to use in matlab to simulate and the equations have to take som numercal values in matlab, and it has to generate some numerical values while running in a loop. i have used the with code generation option in maple. and it produce a code for matlab.

dear friends

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