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Dear All,

   i want to used optimizatiom method in Maple ( Paritcal Swarm optimization) , i have the algorithm but i can to write the codes in Maple, vuold any one help for that.

      Thanks and best regards.





hi all,

                            I  have a program written using Matlab, how can I change it into a program written using Maple.

the program:


function [xmin, fxmin, iter] = PSO

success = 0;      

          I am a student, Faculty of engineering, computer systems department, my field of study as Theoretical and modeling by using Maple. I have more difficult to solve the system of differential equations . I need any help from you by any way you could suggest. ( you can change the initial conditions to get the primary solution). I try by many methods but i can get any solutions.

dB1(z)/dz= - a.B1(z) – (g/AE). B4(z). B1(z)
dB2(z)/dz= +a.B2(z) + (g/AE). B3(z). B2(z)

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