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These are questions asked by ajmath

I have no idea where to start with this problem.

I know how to create arrays, but I want to assign characteristics to each position in the array; the array being a population with each member having a set of characteistics like height, weight etc. I want to be able to have some of the characteristics able to change with time, and some remain constant (those that change with time will be defined by generic equations)

I have tried looking on maplesoft for answers, and the help within maple 16, but have been unable to make any progress.


Sorry if the question is not specific enough.


Thanks in advance x

I'm trying to run two statement sequences, one after the other, numerous times. I have the statement sequences:


>for j from 1 to N do



>end do:


>for j from 1 to N do

>if S[j]>99 then S[j]:=0

>end if:

>end do:



I can manage to run one of them multiple times, but when I try to encompass both of them within my 


>for counter from initial to final do statementsequence

end do:


it doesn't seem to work.


Thanks in advance

I'm trying to model a simple pendulum. I have arrived at this code which gives me an animation of a point swinging.



To analyse the pendulum I want to plot a graph of phi against time, but do not know how to take readings from my animation to plot a graph with.


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