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hi everybody, I tried to install Maple 10 on my AMD64 Athlon 3200+ (running with Fedora Core 4 64bit Kernel 2.6.15-1.1831_FC4). Well, the installer worked just fine, except the activation - unable to determine Host ID. So I activated Maple offline. After the installing, the first problem I had to handle with was the "read only" mode off all installed executables - I think I changed the mod off all executables in the maple 10 folder... Now I was able to run the command line mode of maple. But I am still not able to run Maple in X11 mode - when entering ./maple -x or ./xmaple nothing happens, no error - nothing. Since Maple is working in the commandline mode, I assume that it has to do with java somehow. Well, I am not really an experienced Linux user, but I installed jdk-1.5.0-06, hoping it will solve the problem, without success :-( . I now that Fedora Core 4 is not supported, but I don't see why Maple should not work properly here if it does with redhat. Well, it would be really great if somebody has a solution to this problem.
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