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These are questions asked by almath

When storing an inequality, Maple seems to always convert it to less than or less than or equal form.

x:=a>b  => x:= b<a;

Is it always true? Can someone explain a little bit how maple stores its data?





Is there any command or package which allows me to construct a general rooted tree? It seems that the GraphTheory package can only construct complete binary trees or complete k-ary trees...... More generally, how can I program or organize my data using a tree data structure?



Is there any command or Maple package for computing subresultant sequences of two polynomials? It is hard to believe that Maple doesn't include this basic facility but I can't find it anywhere.




   I wonder how can I constrain the definition of a procedure so that it either takes a polynomial or a list or set of polynomials as input arguments?

is there anything in Maple like

a:= proc(p::polynom or set[polynom])


end proc:



I hope to reimplement an expensive algorithm in Maple over windows. The suggestion I got is to write it in C and call it inside Maple. However, the algorithm itself is quite complicated and the linux version uses saclib2.1 library which provides many useful implementations of numerical routines. 

I therefore wonder if Maple provides its own C or C++ math libraries, so that I don't need to implement everything by myself?

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