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Garvan F. The MAPLE book (CRC, 2001)(ISBN 1584882328) is a good book I've read, of course the version I used was for an early version but it's applicable to most recent ones with slight differences

v is a function of x and p.


this is homptopy perturbation method which recently became so interested for publishing papers

wow, I can't believe I'm been such a stupid haha, I thought that -> is the two dimensional form of the unapply, that was why I was using that and kept thinking I'm doing everything right

Can you intoroduce me a good book on maple? I checked some but most of them are for older versions like 7 and when I start them their examples are not working in my version which is 13!!


The main idea is that I have a series of differential equation where answer of each is used in the next, for example consider the symple system:






where boundary conditions of only first equation is different, now the natural way to solve this system is to use a loop that starts from 1 to 10 but after solving each equation you should assing the answer to the same value (that when I do it says too many level of recursion) in the loop of my sheet ( I'm trying to do this; solve f[1] trough f[n], but as you see it fails to solve where F[2] is added inside the function.

what would you do to solve this set?

give us a little more detail, simple problems may be solve if you click on the error and see the common reasons for that.

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