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I have two list, x1 and d, I want to make a piecewise function out of them and plot it, but I may have some other stuffs like this so I decided to write this procedure in a proc, the proc makes the input of the piecewise right, but when I want to make a function out of this and pass it to plot this does not works properly, I tried something else; first assigned a seri to a variable and passed it to the piecewise to make a function out of it this does not works either, but when...

How do you get equation from user in middle of a procedure? I tried to use the GetEquation of Maplets[Examples] but I cannot make a function out of it. The sheet is something like:



I'm solving a differential equation which has a boundary at infinity, when I add this third condition it returns nothing. Of course I it's easy to solve by hand but it should be done in a loop. can you give me a hint on this?


I want to write this down in the maple:

V is a vector field namely(in cartesian coordinates) V:=VectorField(<u(x,y,z),v(x,y,z),w(x,y,z)>)

Now I want to make a vector like this:


which if write into components will be:

u*(diff(u, x))+v*(diff(u, y))+w*(diff(u, z))

I have a equation which I want to solve with HPM method, it works this way that you put a series instead of the dependent variable, and make infinite linear differential equation out of your nonlinear, then after solving some of them that meet your accuracy and sum them, that makes the answer. Now I have many problems with this which I hope you may help me.

1. How can I programatically asssign result of a dsolve to the variable? for example when I have dsolve(diff(f(x...

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