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Hi- I've been trying to figure out how I can customize a palette so that includes unicode characters that aren't included in any palette already. I have a habit of using symbols from languages that aren't customary in the math world for some of my work. I use a lot of Japanese characters as well as some from various other languages.
Hey folks. I was wondering if there is anyone fairly well versed in the modular linear algebra package who can help me figure out how to solve a problem. I am doing some research about some coding theory, and I find myself needing to row reduce a matrix with entries from the integers modulo 2. I am using Maple 11 on a Mac, and have read the help file on the RowReduce command in the LinearAlgebra[Modular] package, which explains all of the parameters I need to include. I thought I understood the parameters, but I get an error each time I try to do use the command. The error I get states that the matrix is singular, which shouldn't be a problem since I am not trying to invert anything.
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