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I am trying to get Maple to calculate this for me:

Let X1,X2,...X81 be a random sample from a distsribution (not necessarily normal) with mean µ=49 and standard deviation σ =8. Let ¯X = (1/81)* ∑i=181 * Xi

I need to find the mean, the standard deviation and the approximate distribition of ‾X,


BTW, the 81 goes directly...

How can I have Maple construct a time sequence?

My problem states 70 observations, but if you can assist me with 10, Ill figure out hte rest. so pretend there are only 10 observations... 140,159,138,102,84,126,147,126,103,92... Thank you to anyone who can help!



 SEE ATTACHMENT.. Cannot find how to fix this error. Thanks!


Error, Got internal error in Typesetting:-Parse : "invalid subscript selector"



((x-6.05)/sqrt(.0004/9) < (6.035-6.05)/sqrt(.0004/9))

Maple comes up with P(150.000000000x<905.2500000), but I cant get Maple to tell me

P(Z<-2.25).. How can I get it to calculate and tell me to use Z tables ?

I was given the following MGF and need some help determining the E(X), Var(X) and P(4.1<X<4.7) using Maple

MGF of X is M(t) = 1/(1-3t) , t<1/3

How can I get Maple to do this for me?

Thanks again :)

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