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These are questions asked by awass

I want to use a do loop to calculate some values of a function and print out the answers.
The result I want is of the form f(1)=17, f(2) = 21, etc. If I try

for j from 1 to 3 do
print( 'f(j)'=f(j) )
end do;

the j is not evalued and I get f(j)=17, f(j) = 21, etc.

I am now using Maple 15 and 16.



I have a question about the different possibilities for calling a little used function from a package. It seems that there are three ways to do that:

1) Load the package and use te short form of the call e.g.
> with(combinat);

2) just load the command e.g.


3) use the long form of the call e.g.


4) with the use command e.g.

I like to use Maple as an informal  text editor for math correspondence. (I do not use Tex and am firmly committed to not learning Tex. Principled laziness.) I usually insert a Document block in a new worksheet, type my letter utilizing all the wonderful automatic formatting-powers, symbols, integrals, etc. easily available in Maple and then print the resulting document as a pdf and email it. It is much more readable for me and for the person receiving the document.

I was trying to solve a VERY simple system of 2 equations,{ eq1,eq2}, for the variable d which appears only once to the first degree with coefficient 1. That is grade school algebra. Maple 15 refused; it needed help.

                    eq1 := s = a + b + c + d

It is never a good error message but I have not been able to find out whatit means.



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