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These are questions asked by awass

If I save a worksheet after an interactive session and then return to it at a later date I have to re-execute all my commands, redefine my functions etc. but my previous plots are "kinda" remembered by Maple. For example, if I had previously executed the command
> display([p||(1..50)], insequence = true);
then that plot will be active in the sense that I can run through the 50 plots, stop at any plot, etc.
So in that sense Maple has saved the plots. But if I want...


I have a second order ODE, eq, that depends on a paramter p. Certain events take place when solving the ODE and I would like to study those events as a function of p. Here is a toy version of the command that yeilds the information I need.

>dsolve({eq, f(1)=1,D(f)(1)=0},f(t), numeric, events=[  [ [f(t)-Pi,t>0],halt   ]  ,

 [  [f(t) =-1, t>0],halt]  ])(15);

When f hits  -1 or Pi the solution stops and gives...

I want to use a do loop to calculate some values of a function and print out the answers.
The result I want is of the form f(1)=17, f(2) = 21, etc. If I try

for j from 1 to 3 do
print( 'f(j)'=f(j) )
end do;

the j is not evalued and I get f(j)=17, f(j) = 21, etc.

I am now using Maple 15 and 16.



I have a question about the different possibilities for calling a little used function from a package. It seems that there are three ways to do that:

1) Load the package and use te short form of the call e.g.
> with(combinat);

2) just load the command e.g.


3) use the long form of the call e.g.


4) with the use command e.g.

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