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I want (Maple) to do a series of time consuming computations while I sleep so I create a Vector V of length 50 say and make each computation an entry in V.

An occasional entry will turn out to be an error-that is, I get an error message and the calculations stop. Not a serious problem if the first 47 entries have been calculated but if the thrd calcuation fails I have little to show for a night's work.

What I want if for Maple to skip any computaion that fails (produce the appropriate  error message if possible) and then continue with the other computations.  Any suggestions?

Here is an unrelated question. If I have an Array T say

then T[4,10] returns the appropriate entry. T(2,4) returns the same thing. What type of object is T(-,-)?

I have asked this question before (2008) but no one answered. I just repeated my error and am still flummoxedflummoxed.

In early versions of Maple (Maple 1 Maple 3) one could halt a computation on the Mac by holding down the command key and the period; Maple would respond quickly. Now one can try that or click on the red hand in the tool bar and interrupt the computation but it doen not necessarily stop.

I inserted a print command in a procedure so that I culd...

If I save a worksheet after an interactive session and then return to it at a later date I have to re-execute all my commands, redefine my functions etc. but my previous plots are "kinda" remembered by Maple. For example, if I had previously executed the command
> display([p||(1..50)], insequence = true);
then that plot will be active in the sense that I can run through the 50 plots, stop at any plot, etc.
So in that sense Maple has saved the plots. But if I want...


I have a second order ODE, eq, that depends on a paramter p. Certain events take place when solving the ODE and I would like to study those events as a function of p. Here is a toy version of the command that yeilds the information I need.

>dsolve({eq, f(1)=1,D(f)(1)=0},f(t), numeric, events=[  [ [f(t)-Pi,t>0],halt   ]  ,

 [  [f(t) =-1, t>0],halt]  ])(15);

When f hits  -1 or Pi the solution stops and gives...

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