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Thanks so much, that worked perfectly!!!

So I am trying to plot this vector field:

<4x,4y,2> and use the arrow from plottools to plot these vectors because I don't like the was fieldplot3d does it.

arrow(basepoint,dir,options) is the code I am using, basically this:

arrow(vector([x,y,z]), F, .2, .4, .1, cylindrical_arrow):
where F is the field above.

 I can't seem to get this to work. Any suggestions? I am baically tying to take a field F, and create a list of vectors to plot in plot3d, but am unsure how to calculate these vectors and turn them into arrows.

Thanks much!

I feel lame now. There is a maple command in plots called animatecurve which is designed to animate a 2d curve... Problem solved!
Ok, that works for sin, but what about a polynomial... Doesn't seem to work...
That works perfectly... I didn't even try that, i was trying to do something more complicated... Thanks again! Brandon
This forum is very useful in answering maple questions. Just ask and many skilled people can help!
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