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Not sure if you are trying to give me advice, but I got it fixed. All I had to do was contact Maple Support and they sent me the Intel version of the installer via e-mail. Took a few e-mails to verify that I had the liscence, but it worked perfectly...

I'm posting this incase anyone else comes across this thread...

ANSWER: Contact Maple Support and they will give you what you need.


So what you are saying is that I have the PPC version of the installer, since this disk is the original 10.01 from when it was first released. I will contact Maplesoft and see how that goes. Thanks for your help. Brandon
I used the Mac OSX installer in the Mac OSX folder. And I applied the 10.6 update.
So I then did an update to 10.6 and this is where I am getting the error I described above... Any suggestions?
I used the wrong installer. It now works... Thanks for the advice, that would have taken me forever otherwise. Brandon
Thanks, I realized that the paper manuals just sit on my shelf and I really never use them. And I can just burn all the files to my own CD. Thanks for your input! Brandon
I was wondering what the advantage or disadvantages are for shipped or downloaded versions. I like having the disk, but am wondering if downloading it immediately would be basically the same and even $10 cheaper. Any suggestions? Any help would be awesome! ~Brandon
What you need to do is turn off Aero and switch to Classic view in display properties. Make sure to run your install as XP SP2 compatible and everything should work. Let me know if it doesn't. Brandon
Classic View is the best! Switch from Windows Vista Basic (or Aero) to Classic and Maple installs immediately. Thanks for the tip! I was getting worried I would be stranded without Maple.
I have tried the Win XP SP 2 compatibility, how long am I supposed to be waiting?
I agree. I was told in one of their Webinars that Maple 11 is ready for Vista, but I guess not. Also, the compatibility mode is not working to install Maple 10 on my Vista computer. Any suggestions? I have tried the Win XP SP 2 compatibility, how long am I supposed to be waiting?
Thanks, it seems to be working now. Do you know when the fix for Vista will approximately be available? Thanks again for your help!
I like the small change. The formal update of maple primes is excellent! Nice work!
I love it! Great find!
Alrighty. I got the packet of info for the Joint meeting which talks about the release of Maple 11. I can't wait, especially seeing that it will have a differential geometry package. Thanks!
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