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Is there any way to make this kind of problem in Maple?

I have to find the intersection of subsets, and if there is no intersection then to multiply elements of the subsets. For example,

A={x6,x4,x2,x7,x8,x9,x10},  B={x2,x3,x5,x8} and C={x4,x9,x11,x12,x13}.

Now, the intersection of A and B is {x2}, after that, I don't have the intersection with C, so the solution is x2x4, x2x9, x2x11, x2x11 and x2x13.

Another solution is to make the intersection of A and C and it will be {x4,x9} and after that, I don't have the intersection with B so I have to multiply x4 and x9 with elements in B (obviously, the first solution is better because it has fewer terms)

Is something like this is possible to do in Maple and how?

Thanks in advance! 

I have a system of equations to solve. After that I get a lot of solutions (in attached example it is not such a big number, but I have larger system with hundreds of solutions). After that I have to put all the solutions into function, one by one and calculate it (for each solution). What is the best way to that? For small number of solutions I did it manually.    

Here is this example:


I have this file in Excel.


It has two columns of numbers: "from vertex" and "to vertex". Is there any way to use this file to create a graph in Maple?

Is there any way with integer programming function "LPSolve" to get all optimal solutions, because I know there is more than one, and in case if there is a lot of optimal solutions, how to show only the number of optimal solutions?

Thanks in advance!


I have system of equations to solve. It has 118 equations and all variables have to be binary. I know for that system that the minial number for x=1 is 32 (I cheked it in solution chapter at the end of the book) but I always get 33 of ones. I changed MaxSols=500 and still got 33. If I change MaxSols to some bigger number the time for calculation is larger and I still don't get the correct solution. Is there any faster way to do this?

I'm thinking (but I don't know how to do in Maple): Is there any way to show solutions only with number of ones in interval, for example 30 to 33.

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