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Try closing (collapsing) the context command panel (right side of screen) and see if that improves performance. 

As far as I'm aware, Maple doesn't handle asymmetric tolerances as part of the tolerance package.

@Maple_Asker As suggested by Markiyan, check your formulation. Ensure all equations are consistent, and completely defined. Are you missing a necessary equation?


I really appreciate the effort you spent determining how to patch it. It seems to work in Maple 2015 and 17.

Thanks again,


Mr. Elbanhawy I read several of your papers and application notes and I found them very useful. I also use maple in my work as well as excel and completely agree with your experiences regarding the use of Excel in engineering caclulations.

@Samir Khan 

This data was indeed captured from an oscilloscope. This oscilloscope only offers two file formats for saving data. *.csv and *.isf. The ISF is a binary based format used by the manufacture (Tektronix). Its file structure is:

:WFMPRE:BYT_NR 2;BIT_NR 16;ENCDG BIN;BN_FMT RI;BYT_OR MSB;NR_PT 10000;WFID "Ch1, DC coupling, 2.0E0 V/div, 1.0E-5 s/div, 10000 points, Sample mode";PT_FMT Y;XINCR 1.0E-8;PT_OFF 0;XZERO 3.5E-4;XUNIT "s";YMULT 3.125E-4;YZERO 0.0E0;YOFF 0.0E0;YUNIT "V";:CURVE #520000<binary data>

I will need to investigate / test this format to see if compatible with the FileTools[Binary] function and get back to you. I assume the header information will also need stripped based on the help page.

Thank you for the suggestion,



Yes your assumption of floating point data is correct and thank you for the work around, the export performance is greatly improved.



I work with 50MB files on a regular basis in maple. However, the dataset that is giving me issues is an order of magnitude larger (10^7 x 14) ~500MB. I don’t use Maple TA web based testing suite, but I’m sure that maple isn’t restricted to 5MB file sizes.  


For the moment, I’m using matlab to analyze my data; however I’m looking for advice on other methods of importing this data into maple.


Thank you for your interest,


Trend Micro shows mapleprimes as a safe site but not for Symantec shows both sites as safe.

I tried to visit Maplesoft’s website on my work PC and Trend Micro informed that this website is dangerous. My company’s IT department to have to request a whitelist reclassification from Trend Micro as I don't own the license, but it’s likely quicker to have a representative from Maplesoft make the request.






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