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Hi everyone,


I am creating a Maplet containing an area to plot some math function using Plotter command. The point is that I want to put the toolbar native from Maple in order to avoid to add extra buttons for zooming, moving, 1:1 or etcetera the graph, but I have not been successful.

Some suggestions?

Thank you, Friends!

I want to extract information  about an ODE.

For example, having the next ODE:

ode := cos(x)*(diff(y[1](x), x, x))+sinh((1/10)*x+1)*y[2](x)+y[1](x)+exp(-x)-1:

extract information as:

the inputs system are :


the independent variable is:



Some suggestion? I am tried with: indets, DEtools[odeadvisor], whattype, evaluating the function, convert it into a table and using the "indices". Probably the answer is related to dsolve/numeric/process_input


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