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I've been unable to find anything after 2013 from Marikyan Hirnyk.  It appears he has deleted most of his posts and questions.

Mapleprimes, can you please restore!?  It appears he has fled the forum but after deleting information.

You might want to try here 


You'll probably find your answer here 

Not sure why one would want to un-install maple.  You can leave the old versions installed if you want.  There's no conflicts between newer versions.  Some people have Maple 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 installed on their computers! 

In any case I have not used Maple with Linux, but in windows the un-install.exe script file is in the tools sub-directory.  Try un-installing it from there. 

1- First download the files located on his webpage.    It should be zipped with 3 files in it. 

2 - Unzip them and copy them into a directory which you name, probably somewhere in the maple directory named advisor.  c:\maple12\advisor

3 - Then create a maple.ini in the maple12 directory with the following line to match your directory location  libname:= `c:/maple12/advisor`, libname:  just like on the instruction installation page.



Try right clicking on it to bring up the context sensitive menu and select browse or you can double left click and you can view the matrix in a spreadsheet.

This issue seems to be a common recurence among users who are first trying to add new lib packages. 

If anything it should probably be addressed in the getting started guide of maple to address new users up front. 

The syntax is probably also an issue because it doesn't follow the normal directory backslash syntax, instead it uses a combination of forward and backward slash which, at first, confuses the users.

If you want to add more formulas than what maple has on it's help pages try INTERFACE_HELP or use save as help page under the tools option. 

That is an interesting idea.  Creating physics, math and engineering formula page in the help menu could be a useful reference. 

I think writedata is the command you are looking for.

Query the help file for it ?writedata

There is a post here that went into that.  Here's the link, it may help. 

> a := 345792;


> b := convert(a, base, 10);
[2, 9, 7, 5, 4, 3]

> c := ListTools:-Reverse(b);
[3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 2]

> d := op(2, c);

> e := op(5, c);


I don't like the idea of another forum on the same subject. Just a single go to source to find answers - mapleprimes. 


Thanks.  I noticed that in Joe's method, the output doesn't contain square brackets.  Running the whattype shows it as an exprsseq, and in Alec's method a list. 

I can force Joe's output to a list by putting square brackets around the seq.  If I don't is there really any difference when I try to manipulate the output? 

Awesome!  Thanks.  I had to use ListTools :- Reverse because convert reverses the order of the number. 

Can the digits of a number be separated in another way other than using the convert command?

Thanks, I appreciate the help with units. I didn't even notice the general units block in the palettes. I think it was too late in the evening, I was a bit tired trying to learn something new with maple. That little sequence in my previous post doesn't work. There's a limit to the number you can include in a seq.

Thanks, yes I believe that's what I was looking for.  So I can name a single value unit as [m/s^2] for example?

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