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I don't mean to distract from Waynes questions ... Just a quick question about units.  Can we specify a unit as [m/s^2] ?

Would also be nice to have special brackets to enter the units in on the side menu bars. 


Some will only work when you select the text then change the Paragraph style, but will not let you type in directly.  It seems like the keyboard is disabled when selecting some Paragraph styles. 

You're right!  TAB only works in text mode.  Doesn't work in math mode for me. 

Be nice if we could add user-defined shortcut keys without the use of third party utilities.  Perhaps this option will be included in an update.

Yes thanks.  I also noticed Maple 12 has a button that toggles TAB space on and off.  I think the spaces are fixed at 8 or 9 spaces but it would be nice if you could include the number of spaces TAB tabs over in the tools option menu. 

Regarding shortcut keys, can we define new user shortcut keys?

Secondary question.

Some people like to compare the speed of a calculation to justify which software is better.  Which doesn't necesarily prove that ones better than the other but may consistantly show the routines in the background are much more efficient than the other. 

What I'm getting at is ... Is Maple better?  and Can it do everything Matlab and Mathematica can?

Okay, using restart I'm able to get some times around .031 but most of them are .046 and as high as .078. 

So does this mean the time() function has relatively large +/- ranges associated with it and should not really be used as a benchmark?  If that's so wouldn't that make it fairly unreliable to use time() as a comparison to compare it to other software such as mathematica or matlab? 

Is there another funtion that would work better?

Actually those seem to be  user defined and missing procedure calls from my worksheet. 

Clear explanatin needed -

My meaning of adding someones explanation to a help page was for my own personal help page on my own system and by no means was I going to add it to the Wiki, I merely meant it as a suggestion that he could add it if he wanted to.  Hopefully there was no misunderstanding. 

I agree that it is up to the author of the post to put his material on the Wiki pages. 

Alternatively a wiki writer could make a topic and then just enter a reference to mapleprimes for the relevant answers, which happens here in mapleprimes anyway if someone happens to know of a relevant post they might reference it. 

Exactly what I was looking for!  Thanks.  I'll have to try it out. 

To bad the user manual or help pages don't contain stuff like this.  I'll have to add your explanation as a help page for future reference. 

This is definitely something to be added to the new MapleWiki.

Okay I now know we can add a whole help page but suppose I want to add another definition (just a simple explanation but not a whole help page).

For example look up Kasiski or IndexOfCoincidence and you'll find a help page for it, but you won't find a definition explanation.  Let's say I just wanted to add a definition for either or both or something else.  Mean and Median are both on help pages and as definition look ups.  I would like to be able to add to the definition database.  Is that possible?

Thanks - Can we add a new definition to the database?

Yes, they are simply just a discrete set of sample data points.  

All I want is to know how the line can be smoothly connected to one another.  And also with the frequencyplot, how can the line joining the points in that graph be smoothed as well.

Ha ha, I didn't notice you were the one who replied to my earlier post.

Hopefully someone has a resolution. 

Maybe it has something to do with the number of iterations in memory or clocking issues using different RAM. 

As you can see in a recent post of mine I too have a problem.  I am going to replace my old memory as I currently have both old and new in memory.   I'll see if that has anything to do with it (but I won't know till later tonight when I can work on it). 


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