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Can maple create 3 dimensional matricies? 


Okay, I have a simple 5 X 5 matrix.  How do I view it as an image?


With a very large image 1000 X 1000, I can left click on it and view the matrix in a spreadsheet and then click on a tab that says image and view that matrix as an image.  How do I do that with small maticies?  I can't figure it out.

How do I find the inverse of a mod? eg. the inverse of 7mod27 is 4. How do I get maple to find that? Is there a simple function?
This may have already been resolved but in case some people are still having problems... If your maple calculator is not working (ie not giving you an answer .. just giving you a blank line) your firewall may be blocking the java.exe script in your maple\jre\bin directory. Just allow access for this file. So just create a new rule in your firewall to allow full access for the maple\jre\bin\java.exe file and voila your calculator should now be giving you some answers. Hope this helps. And sorry for posting again if someone already mentioned this in the past.
Simple question: How do I shift a letter (or a set of letters) over 3 or 7 or whatever places in the alphabet using with(Stringtools); Without converting the letters to numbers? Is there a shift function? or do i have to create a whole new alphabet to charactermap to for each shift I want to do. It seems very easy but I can't quite figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.
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