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Is there a way for maple to display an answer with a set order?  or set it so it always does it a certain way.

As an example, lets take eq1:=a=(v-vo)/t then solve(eq1,{v});  (I put the v in {} so the answer will display the full equation).  Without the {} it only displays the answer.  Anyways, the answer returned is {v=a*t+vo

I would like to manipulate it so that maple will always display an equation with a single variable first.  So, for in our example I would like it shown as  v=vo+a*t

Basically if we have a:=x^2 and I subs(x=b/c,a) we get b^2/c^2. 

How do I get maple to display it as (b/c)^2?

Why can I not get a common denominator from a/2+b/3?  Maple returns 1/2*a + 1/3*b and not (3a+2b)/6.  Normal(a/2+b/3) returns the same equation.

If I simplify(a/b+b/c) I get (a*c+b^2)/(b*c) but doesn't seem to work right with numbers in there.   


Okay, I'm just starting to get the hang of Maple and I'm going through a tutorial that has a problem in it I'm having a little difficulty setting up. 

A charged disk of radius a having uniform charge density "sigma" (the actual symbol sigma) produces and electric field Ez along the z-axis given by the integral expression (I'll do the best I can to illustrate it here)

Ez(z) =  (sigma * z * int ( r/((r^2+z^2)^(3/2)) ,r=0..a))/(2*epsilon0)

Me or Maple?

Okay here's the problem.  A function is described as Y:={a*t^2*[exp^(-b*t)]*cos(c*t)}/(1+d*sqrt(t));

I differentiate Y wrt t to find the velocity of the funtion V:= diff(Y,t);  also acceleration A:=diff(Y,t,t);

I give some values to a,b,c,d and assign a T:=20  and so a:=2: b:=3/8: c:=10: d:=1

Now I plot to view the velocity of the function over the time t=0..T    plot(V,t=0..T);  GREAT!

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