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I've finally tracked down a problem I was having to a behavior in Maple I find, possibly, understandable, but need to figure out how to prevent.   Specifically, in expressions of the form x^y, where both x and y may sometimes be zero, the behavior I require is for Maple to evaluate y first so x^0=1 whatever the value of x is.   (Maple does evaulate 0^0=1 itself, I note.)

An example where this sort of thing comes up is in an expression like


My goal is to find a way to code sliders that set parameters for a plot so that it is not necessary to re-code all of the existing sliders when a new one controlling the same plot is added.

The closest I've come is the following.   Say I've defined a couple of functions

f:= (A,x) ->  sin(A*x);

g := (B,x) -> cos(B*x);


plot0 := plot([f(A,x),g(B,x)],x=a..b,color[blue,red]);  

And two sliders with code for action

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