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The two attached programs are such that the "kaput" version uses a procedure to draw the letter V, with the option of a flat top or pointed top.  The last parameter, s, takes on values "p" or "f" for pointed or flat respectively. - but I get error messages.  The Letter_V_working programdoes not use a proc, but works.  Where is the error?

  Thanks in advance for any help.

   .  .


The attached program is of a point moving along a conical path of a cone, then doing a descent back to the start.   For values R=60, r=20, h=10 the animation seems to work reasonably well.  However when r=19 - only a small change - the development plot of the cone is only partially shown?   Also, I have some variables nameP1, nameP2 which I would like to alter the color of.  Howdo I do this?

  Any comments or help most appreciated. 

# About twenty years ago Joe Riel posted 

#printing_just_for_fun.mws   by Joe Riel 30-6-‘98

#As part of this he had:



print(cat(`Does `,d_string,` = `));

#Is it possible to put the eta symbol on the same line?

#   Yes,  …but without the comma??  And…
 printf("Does %s = %a\n",d_string, eta);

#  does not give the Greek letter eta, but just eta,  while


#...both give the Greek letter

#  Is it possible to use printf (or similar?) to obtain output 

#  of:  Does D*e*v*o*u*r*e*r = h  

#  Oops!  In Word the h was a Greek letter eta!

#  ...and lastly, can it be done in Maple 7?


Am in the process of trying to addsome animation to a 2D letter R, namely to make the 'stalk' move.  I lost the output and managed to retrieve it by adding  verboseproc=0, and printlevel:=5.  However printlevel:=5 gives an excessive amount of output and anything less than 5 doesn't give enough output.  The code is messy asI've been experimenting with general curve fitting.

   Any help gratefully received. 


Splines and BSplines etc for curve fitting.

The attached short program uses with(CurveFitting) and BS:=BSpline(2,x);  outputs four expressions, the third being 

2-x, x<2.  I'd like to be able to access this, and plot it. but plots[display](BS[3], x=1..2); comes up with an error message.

Thanks in advance for any help. 

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