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Attached are two similar files: one written in Maple 7 code, and a similar text file.

    My original intention was to have the two dimensional letter M do an animated "knees up" in just one color.  However the program works - but not as I intended.  The individual four sections danced around - and I thought it was rather novel - but decided to make each one a different color - red, blue, white and turquoise.  I was surprised to find the polygons were all the same turquise color - that of the fourth polygon.   Is there an easy fix, or must I write four separate procs for the four polygons?

Thanks in advance for any advice.  David 


  I am trying to solve a 5x5 crossword  puzzle, where one must find 5 across clues, and 5 down clues - all in a 5x5 square grid.  I have done a dictionary search for all the possibilities of the ten clues.  (For brevity this is not in the attached program.)  These possible solutions have been put as lists.  The attached Maple 7 program attempts to solve the crossword by a series of nested for loops, checking if the intersection of across and down clue letters match.  In this the use of nops is made, as the number of possible words for each clue varies.  I appreciate why the program fails, but am at a loss for a "work around", and fear a complete restart may be needed. 

   I attach two files of the program.  The Fivebyfive_crossword.mws Maple 7 file includes a graphic grid of the crossword, with asterisks (*)  for unknown letters.  The corresponding .txt file probably will not have that.  Sadly, Maple doesn't allow the upload of .rtf files.  Further documentation is in the program.

   Any comments, help would be most appreciated.

I am in the process of rewriting a long program so that it invokes procs.  After each proc I write I want to test the proc, so am not interested in any further output.  So in the code I entered `quit` (12);  - which I obtained from the Maple 7 Help documentation.  ...and possibly for good measure:  done;   The system crashed and I had to start again.   I have looked on the MaplePrimes documentation.  There are a couple of posts which treat this as an amusement.  eg

subs(_=sscanf(D,%m)[],proc() _end)();   which I haven't been game to try yet.

  I am curious about the number 12.  In the Maple 7 documentation the output is meant to give some useful information regards bytes used, allocation, & time taken.  Maple 7 documentation says that the number between parentheses should be an nteger in the  range 0..255.  Does varying this number make any difference?

WARNING!  Running the following program could crash your system.  Save any work before trying it.

restart:  `quit` (12);

   I'm curious to know what that does on later versions.  I'm running Maple 7 on Windows 7, so I suspect some incompatibility.

Any comments, advice gratefully received.  David

Invalid arguments error message in the program below.  Advice please on why this is not working.

#Set notation brackets - ignores this
#solve({tan(x)=2*(h-depth-y)/w, z=w*cos(A)+w*sin(A)/tan(A+x), uY+z+depth=h},{x, y,z});
solve(tan(x)=2*(h-depth-y)/w, z=w*cos(A)+w*sin(A)/tan(A+x), uY+z+depth=h,{x, y,z});

Error, (in solve) invalid arguments




Download solve_equation.mws


I am trying to change (morph) the capital letter Yinto the shape of an American football goalpost -which has a sigle post , and the top part looks like the top part of the letter H.  The attached program is attempting to morph just three points - two of which, A, and D stay the same and the middle point Mo is meant to change from being on the line AD, to progressively change to be part of a right angle triangle.  Eventually I want to use more points - but am making heavy weather of this.  Any helpwould be appreciated. 

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