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Am trying to learn about commands in Maple 7 I have not come across before - namely cutin, cutout and project.  Am I correct in thinking these commands are for use in three dimensions, and won't work in two dimensions?  Examples in the Help section seem to be confined to 3D.

  In the attached program I created a triangle (triag)using the polygon feature, then used project(triag, [[0,0.5],[2,2]]) to see what the resultant plot would be.  It was a line segment with length of the triangle - as if it was the shadow of the triangle.  Am I right in thinking a 3D object would give a 2D shape using this project command?

Thanks, David 


I wish to make the letter E from a previous program of the letter F - which seemed to work perfectly.  I've added the base arm to the F - with it looking like the letter Fand trailing base.  Further comments in the program.  Tags are polygon, patchnogrid, LINE, animation  Help please. 


If the attached program is run, at the end are two animation outputs.  One is of two letters A; the other of the single second A being animated.   The second letter A animation works fine, but in the former it "blips" on Continuous animation, and on 'single cycle' the A totally disappears.  I'm using the same number of frames, 48, for each. 
   Prior to that is the letter L which is meant to give the illusion of it rotating, and the letters A getting out of the way.

   Any help on ridding the "blip" most appreciated. 


The attached program shows a convex shape viz the letter D made of an implicit curve and a straight upright line.  I'd like to color the interior.  I was thinking of trying to make a polygon from the points of the curve - but I don't know how to access them.  If I could access them I could put the coordinates in a list L:=[[x1,y1],[x2,y2]...[xn,yn]]  and then just use plots( polygon(L).).

Any suggestions appreciated.   ...and please keep it simple - I'm only using Maple 7.


In the attached program the letters K, M, H are drawn.  These are examples of concave polygons.  (The fact that they happen to be letters is immaterial here.)  I'm interested in the coloring in process.  I experimented with simple shapes, like the letters I and L, which have a small number of points - and the letter I is convex.  These polygons colored in without a hitch.  It seems a general rule is:

    Color the first half dozen points given, then head home towards the first point - then return to the next point.  Does it color in by separating the polygon into pentagons, or hexagons?  

   I'm aware of how to draw & color shapes by splitting them into a smaller number of polygons, so please don't waste time improving my code.   I'dd appreciate my hunch being verified, or a reference to more information.  TIA

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