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Wow! Thanks for that, I've got a lot to take in from the generosity of posts.  I will download the circle worksheet for further study.

Thank you.

@Carl Love 

I appreciate the extra info there, I'm pretty much a beginner with Maple, so any extra insights are welcome.




Thanks for your post.  It now works fine, thank you. 

@Matt C Anderson 

Thanks for your encouragement


Thanks for your response, it is very helpful and amusing.  As you could guess I'm fairly new to Maple and entirely new to MaplePrimes, but I'm grateful that it exists.  Mapleprimes will be a very useful resource for me in the future.

Much appreciated, Dave

I found the answer to my Spaces question.  Spaces are allowed provided the name is enclosed in single quotes.  Otherwise no.

Does Maple allow spaces in Names?  It didn't seem to when I was trying names earlier.

Thanks, Dave

Thanks for your response, I found the green up arrow.  The last line of my worksheet is the error message that I can't get rid  of to continue working.


Any expression may be assigned a name.

Names should satisfy the following criteria:


Starts with a letter, followed by zero or more letters, digits
and underscore characters. Uppercase and Lowercase are distinct.


Names can be formed by enclosing any sequence of characters in a pair
of left single quotes, i.e. 'This is a name'


Any name formed with quotes is identical to names formed without
quotes, i.e. x and 'x' are both the same name x.


Names can be formed with the || cat operator


Names should NOT begin with an underscore or a tilde and should
not contain a slash.

Ex. 1.24:


This_is_a_valid_name :=2;



I_like_this_number! :=42;



 Join names

i := 5;



p || i;



p|| 2*i;



If RHS is a sequence or range with integers or character strings

then Maple returns a sequence.

a ||(a, b, 4, 67);

aa, ab, a4, a67


"foo" || (1..4);

"foo1", "foo2", "foo3", "foo4"




Warning, premature end of input, use <Shift> + <Enter> to avoid this message.



Download Section1.9.mw

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