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I'm working through a manual to improve my use of Maple commands.  In particular, earlier today I used/entered the circle command in the Geometry package.  I used that command circle successfully.  Later in the day I went to do the circle command again and I kept getting the message as shown below.  Same command, different result.  So I haven't been able to complete my tutorial.  I'd love to know what I'm doing wrong here.  The other time it worked perfectly.   Hope you can help, thanks Dave.

Every time I open Maple it has the invitation to Login in the top right-hand corner.  I would like to sign in but have had quite a bit of trouble doing that.  I have a user name and password with Maplesoft web store and the same for MaplePrimes.  Should either of these work to log in? 

I want to know how to remove an error message from the last line of using Maple.  I must have made some kind of error, but I want to move on but I can't get past the error message.  How can I remove the error message.  I have tried using "restart" but nothing happened.  I'm stuck until I clear this error message from the last line of my worksheet.  Can you help please?



PS: as you can guess I'm pretty new to Maple.

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