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Is anyone here working on any of the millenium prize problems ? If so, or if you know of any efforts on one of these problems, do you know if Maple would be of any use ? v/r, dc
Is there a privacy statement somewhere on this site that one can read ? I was just wondering about the rights of users of Mapleprimes with respect to ownership of intellectual property after it is publicly released. For example, can Maplesoft and/or Mapleprimes use anything from the Mapleprimes site without the permission of the original author ? Was just wondering, v/r,
Sometimes when I reply to a forum posting, or look at some forum topics, the text box that would contain the body of the posting is misaligned from above formatting options, e.g. "I, B, spellcheck etc". It's pushed more to the right side of the screen, even after I scroll completely to the right. Thanks, Dan
Does anyone know how one would go about creating their own package ? thanks, Dan
I have a question about this site. Does Mapleprimes keep your postings at the different forums indefinitely ? I would like to have all my collected postings, blogs, etc stored somewhere for possible future reference. Can I rely on mapleprimes to have all my postings collected as part of my records ? Should I start manually collecting all the information I want on my own ? thanks, Dan
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