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I recently installed maple11 and upgraded from maple10. However, I still have desktop icons for Maple10 and Maple10 classic mode. Does this mean that I now have the choice of using maple 10 or maple 11 on the same machine ? I thought that the automatic upgrade would have completely replaced any previous versions of maple found on one's machine ? Guidance welcomed, v/r,
Has it ever been considered to have some sort of Maple specific publication in connection with mapleprimes ? Some sort of refereed or peer reviewed publication available to the public or mapleprimes/maplesoft, that members of either of these entities can publish to. Even if it's only available online. was just wondering. v/r,
My last post that I typed in the how do I with maple forum, was cut off after I posted it. can someone take a look at this ? Tedious typing the samething more than once. I'm also having a problem again with the misalignment of the text box for replies to postings. It gets shifted far to the right of the screen. v/r,
I'm contemplating getting version 11. I would like to know if after updating, would I still have the calculator, and choice of using the classic worksheet version of Maple accesible through the desktop that I got after getting version 10 ? Will any of these items be altered or disappear after upgrading to 11 ? thanks, Dan
Is there a way to save your completed, final maple documents as a PDF ? Right now I'm printing them out and scanning them in order have a soft copy of my documents. v/r, Dan
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