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Is anyone here an online member of the seti (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) organization, and allows the use of their machine for the processing of data ? Also would Maple, or any other computer algebra system be applicable or useful in this organization's effort ? If so would anyone provide some possible examples ? Thanks, v/r,
Another pesky student question. Is the speed of light an asymptotic, or limiting value that no other body can perfectly attain ? Does light travel at exactly this value or very very close to it? Would it make sense to try to exactly attain the value of c with something other than EM energy, or would our attempts be similar to taking a limit like in simple calculus ? v/r,
I have a question regarding privacy with respect to uploaded files on mapleprimes. It has to deal with where public worksheets are downloaded from. I upload all of my worksheets as public files to ensure the quickest and greatest amount of help to my requests. However, my question is when those public worksheets are downloaded are they actually downloaded from the actual creator's machine (e.g. C: mydocuments...etc), or from somewhere else ? hope that question came across clear. v/r,
Does anyone know if Maple's handwriting recognition feature employ statistical pattern recognition in some way ? v/r,
I was just wondering. Has it already been rigorously proven whether or not Planck's constant is transcendental ? A little introductory notes on transcendental numbers would also be appreciated. thanks,
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