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Trying to simplify an expression and keep getting the error message "unkown operator". Same error message creeping up a lot now in my efforts to get acquainted with Maple. Getting really annoying and frustrating. Also I'm having trouble looking up specific error messages with the help feature. Is this also possible ? >
I'm going through Francis Wright's COMPUTING WITH MAPLE. c2002, and based on Maple6. can anyone explain the reason for the output that I get just for the last statement alone dealing with the change of base for logarithms ? >
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I'm trying to use evalb to see if two versions of an expression that i'm comparing is true. here is my input please bear with me i don't know how to enter symbolic math into these posts yet. evalb ((1/2 (2^((1/4)) (((a)/(Pi)))^((1/4))* (e)^((-1/4 (k^2)/(a))))/(sqrt(Pi) sqrt(a)) )= (((2*a)/(Pi))^((1/4))*(1/(sqrt(2*a)))*(e)^((- (k^(2))/(4*a))))); and I get the Error Message " Error Unknown Operator" with a red dashed square around the first exponential (the first actual letter e)in the first expression to the left of the equal sign that i'm trying to compare. Thanks, Please anyone help
This integral |A^|^2(∫)[-infinity]^infinity(e)^(-2 ax^2) ⅆx gives me the output (|A|)^2 signum((e)^((-2 ax^2))) infinity unless i put parentheses around the -2a in the exponential to look like e^-((2a)*x^2) then i get more useful output that looks like (|A|)^2 ({[[1/2 (sqrt(2) sqrt(Pi))/(sqrt(a)),` `,csgn(a)=1], [infinity,` `,otherwise]]) Please explain the signum, and csgn(a) = 1 included in both outputs and the reason for this behavior ? new to maple thanks
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